Saturday, August 28, 2010

A trotting week

We had a 'trotting week' this in, a week during which we trotted from one thing to the next every day.  Here are a few highlights of the week...
A visit from Karen and Noah...Karen used to be the main attraction when she came over, and the kids wanted her all to her fame comes mostly as "Noah's mom" and he's the favored one! :)
 We took a mini-field trip to a local college to see some concert band instruments
 We also had two dentist appointments this on Tuesday for a check-up and one yesterday to fill a couple of little cavities.  The kids did great, but by the time we were done with that at the end of our very long day yesterday, we were all wiped out!  We got home and the kids sprawled out in silence with new library books.
 The only one of us not tired at the end of this busy week was Mindy...she rested while we were gone and thought we should play in the evening!  This is what she does every time I pick up my knitting lately...knitting with cat-spit yarn is such a pleasure...!


Jess said...

At least you got a library trip in... by the time we left the dentist on Friday the library had closed and it is right across the street from the dentist!

Delighted Hands said...

Hoping you will have more down time this week but it is just the way it goes, isn't it?! Mindy looks happy to have you home with her!