Sunday, August 01, 2010

Feline birthdays

Today is Mindy's first birthday...Abigail was dismayed that Mindy would no longer be considered a kitten, but now a cat...she was ecstatic when she came down this morning and Mindy was still the same pleasant pet that she was last night!  Kids' perspectives and ideas about things can be so funny sometimes.  We celebrated (more for the kids' sakes than anything!) by singing Happy Birthday to both of the cats (Molly's birthday is in August, too, although we don't know which day).  The cats were very impressed (HA! Molly refused to participate).
They were much more impressed with the treats we bought them for their birthdays...or at least, Molly was.  She wouldn't even look up long enough for the picture.  Mindy was totally unimpressed with the treats and held out for something better (she was probably hoping for her favorite -- tomato sauce!).
 Our cats bring much joy to our family and we are thankful for them!


Delighted Hands said...

I love the personality they bring to the family-the kids love it so evident!

Delighted Hands said...
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