Saturday, August 07, 2010

Field trip to Athens

Athens, Georgia, that is. :)  Yesterday Karen and I took our kids on the first field trip of my school year.  We ventured over to Athens, Georgia (about two hours southeast of here) and visited The State Botanical Garden of Georgia as well as a very nice playground nearby.  We tried to visit a quilt shop that I found online, too, but it was no longer open. :(  Other than intense heat and a minor head wound (via a bronze statue and a klutzy boy), the day went swimmingly!  Here are some pictures of our adventure...
Papaya tree

Butterfly on flowers
 The kids and me overlooking the Herb Garden
 Abigail running down a long, pretty avenue
 Even Noah got in on the fun!
 My kids in one of the shady, wooded areas that felt so lovely on such a hot day
(It's blurry, but one of my kids is in each of the turrets)
 My big boy
 My determined girl...look at that left side work!
 Another turret
The kids on a bulldog...Athens is the home of the UGA Bulldogs!
 We left the park just ahead of a massive thunderstorm and then stopped to eat on the way home.  Here is Noah after he'd eaten his fill...he looked like he was trying to be really cool while he watched some big boys at a nearby table. :)
We had such a great day!


Delighted Hands said...

What a great day.....I am so happy to see the highlights of the trip!

Amy said...

That looks like a beautiful place! I love the way you can incorporate so many trips into your school day. The kids must love it.

Bethany said...

Seth has very fond memories of Athens. Looks like a fun day!