Monday, August 09, 2010

Bitten by a bug

Two bugs, a virus that kept me on the couch all weekend until I was mentally climbing the walls (mommies are not used to holding still and doing nothing!).  The other bug that started biting me last week is the 'autumn bug'.  Although autumn is a long way away here in Georgia, I am starting to feel the itch for crisp weather, autumn decorations, and cool-weather clothes.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to tone down the stir-craziness caused by the first bug as well as satisfying the second bug a bit...I dug out the fabric and pattern I had bought last year to make Abigail the robe she had asked for (but which I never got to last winter).  I ended up physically weary but mentally improved from doing something useful, and happy about getting ready for the autumn that will come eventually (not to mention thrilling my sweet daughter)!
I had bought the stuff to make one for David, too, but in the meantime he received a nice hand-me-down robe.  He was sad that it didn't have a cool applique like his sister's, though, so I dug one out and put it on his everyone's happy!

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Delighted Hands said...

I am sending them both a good grandma snuggle! Good job on the sewing!