Saturday, August 28, 2010

Of basements and burns

It is time.  Time to clean out the in, REALLY clean it out.  Time to get rid of all of the stuff we have collected (why?!  why did we keep so much junk?!).  I have done this in a couple of smaller phases over the last few years, but this is the real deal -- almost nothing is safe from my ministrations!!!  Aside from the hoarding, the legitimate part of having so much stuff is that I had saved all of our baby stuff and outgrown kids' clothes with the thought of having it for future babies, but the Lord made our family complete at two children...and so now it is time to unload all of the stuff.  I did NOT take a 'before' was way too crazy...but look at this stack of stuff all destined for the garage sale...and I'm not done yet!

This is all kids' clothes waiting to be reviewed and then put in the sale, too.  Yup, it's a lot (the stacks are two bins deep)!  But it's all of the kids' outgrown clothes, from their preemie outfits through last shoes and coats...for a boy who is now wearing size 8 or 10 and a girl who is now in size 6.
This is going to be the kind of garage sale that I love to shop at when I am on the hunt for stuff we need!

I spent the first half of my day working on all of that.  A large portion of the second half of the day was spent at Urgent Care with Abigail...apparently she is very sensitive to the UV light the dentist used to harden the composite fillings yesterday, and she got this 'glorified sunburn', as the doctor called it today -- a nickel-sized wound on her chin.  She also has a bit of a staph infection in we have antibiotic cream and burn cream to rub into it as it heals.  We never do things simply in our family. :)
All in all, we had a pretty good Saturday.  Going to the dr wasn't our idea of fun, but even so, Abigail and I thoroughly enjoyed each other's company and had lots of fun making up stories to tell each other and giggling without any boys around to roll their eyes at us. :)   I have a happy family and a clean house (and an in-the-process-of-being-cleaned basement) to show for it...that's a good day in my book!


Debbie Griffin said...

So sorry to hear about Abigail's burn! I do have to say that you are the only people I know who could come away from a dentist's appointment with a staph infection! At least you are consistent, right?!?

Delighted Hands said...

Hope Abigail feels better soon; she is in the right family for doing weird! Give her a hug for us! The cleaning out is magnificent-good job!

Bethany said...

Oooh I want to go to your garage sale! It is SUCH a nice feeling to clean out clutter! Praying Abigail heals quickly and completely.

cj and family said...

Your garage sale would be a blast! :o) And it IS a wonderful feeling to get everything cleaned out! Praying for Abigail ... glad you were able to make the ER visit a pleasant one. :o)