Saturday, August 08, 2009

Trip to the Rodeo

Last night we took the kids to a Rodeo being held in our town -- it was so much fun! We met up with some friends and enjoyed watching the many skilled riders and their beautiful horses.
This isn't the greatest picture, since I look rather drunk (I assure you, I wasn't! :), and you can't see Jon, but...this is our pastor, his wife, and one of his sons, with Karen peeking through and Bruce, Abigail, and me bringing up the rear!Jon and Karen (and David, climbing, of course!)
By the calf pen...
The kids each got to choose one ride before the rodeo started. Abigail chose the ponies...
David chose the mechanical bull. He did great!
A local equine drill team presented the colors for the National Anthem
Buckin' broncos
Bruce and Abigail watching the cowboys
The kids got a chance to chase a calf! David is in the blue shirt in the middle of the picture, right by a girl with a plum-colored shirt, behind the girl in the pink shirt!
Cowboys calf-roping
Cowgirls calf-roping
Saddle broncs
Steer wrestling (although down here, it's pronounced "rasslin'!) :)
Barrel racing -- my favorite event! Abigail was so excited that there were cowgirls there, too, and we both loved all of their sparkly, girlie belts and shirts!
Bull riding
This pick-up rider (in my opinion, the most skilled rider was amazing to watch him and his horse work). In between riders, he waited in this spot and told Bruce several times how cute Abigail was! She did look adorable in her western-ish shirt and braids! :)David also spent a lot of time climbing in, on, under, and around the bleachers (he was about ten feet off the ground in this one)...can you picture this?!
David and a friend enjoying the show from the top of the fence


Delighted Hands said...

What a wonderful 'country' night together! Did it satisfy the 'get a horse' urge or hone it?!

Anonymous said...

What great experiencs you give those two kids. Looks like Mom and Dad liked it too. Love Gram

cj and family said...

Looks like a blast! :o) So glad you could enjoy! :o)