Monday, August 10, 2009

Swimming again...finally!

As happened last year, Abigail was petrified of the pool again this year...but she has finally conquered it and is loving to swim again! Here is some video of her swimming on Saturday...
Today we spent a couple of hours at the pool -- it was a perfect pool afternoon, with a warm baking sun, a pleasant breeze, water temperature cool enough to refresh but warm enough to swim in for a long time without getting chilled, and to top it all off -- we had the pool to ourselves! I love August days...the excitement of school, the summery afternoons at the pool...and lots of time with my babies!


Delighted Hands said...

Glad she gets to enjoy it before the pool closes! Great swimming , Abigail!

Anonymous said...

Still love reading your blog-it is so creative and interesting. Look forward to seeing you in less than 2 weeks. Aunt Barbara
ps Your Father stopped for a nice visit today. Great to see him!