Monday, August 03, 2009

First day of school!

We did it -- our first day of school is done!
We are all really tired out, which sounds silly...but it takes a lot out of us to readjust to the mentally intense, consecutive hours. The kids did great, though, and I was reminded just how much I love teaching them!
A highlight of the day: the kids chose new chapter books to keep in their desks and read when their seatwork is done, then they made their own bookmarks for a mini-art project. Abigail could hardly wait to get into hers and wasn't very happy about putting it away when it was time for the next subject!Here they are, done with our first day (below)! (No, they're not making the peace sign.) Abigail is signing "K" for kindergarten and David is signing "2" for second grade. (How are those possible?!)
As soon as we were done, we ate lunch. The kids are really excited about their desks, so they sat there to eat, but they didn't converse at all...there was absolute silence the whole time...we were all very ready for our own space and some peace and quiet!
One day down...only 179 more to go!!! :)


Delighted Hands said...

Love how you set up the room-it looks like it covers all the requirements-glad it was a good beginning! Love to you.

cj and family said...

Glad your first day went well--I was praying for you guys this morning.

Anonymous said...

Wow! those are two lucky kids to have such a caring teacher. Love you all, Gram