Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quiet, rainy day at home

After school today, the kids disappeared to play together...they spent the whole afternoon happily going from game to game -- asking permission to use unusual things and cleaning up after themselves as they went along, it was quite amazing! -- and I did laundry and housework. We puttered inside while we enjoyed the rainy weather and the thunderstorms rolling through outside all afternoon long. David is still struggling with his asthma, so I tried to keep him from exerting himself too much, but David does everything at top speed! Towards the end of the afternoon he was getting too out of breath, so I put something on television for them so that he would hold still and rest a bit. Here they are sprawled out on the couch-cushions that had already served many imaginative purposes during the afternoon's play. It was lovely to have a peaceful and productive day at home today, especially since tomorrow will be another busy afternoon out and about!


cj and family said...

What a blessing! Kind of strange--I had an equally productive, peaceful, happy day yesterday--the Lord made every day, and we will rejoice in each one, but some are just extra special blessings! :o)

Delighted Hands said...

Glad you had a gift of an afternoon-David does look a bit worn out; hope he feels better soon.

Peggy said...

Were the couch cushions used to make forts? I remember many cushion forts in our basement.