Monday, December 08, 2008

Wrestling with Daddy

For most of last week, David looked forward to Saturday, because he and his daddy had a wrestling date. Bruce insists that he's too old to wrestle, but David doesn't buy it! I'm just glad that David has a strong daddy to wrestle with so that I don't have to take a beating -- I've never been good at wrestling!
Abigail mostly giggles and doesn't like to do the work to try to pin Daddy -- she just likes to flop down and get tickled. (The girl version of wrestling -- dainty and giggly!)
David, on the other hand, likes the all-out, all-boy version of wrestling. He's strong as an ox and before we know it, Bruce will have to pour it on all the way to be able to win anymore! For now, though, although David's a strong kid, Daddy is still much stronger and always manages the pin after letting David work off some energy. No matter how absolutely pinned with no escape David is, though, (like in the picture below!) he never gives up the fight and is sure that he can win it if he just keeps willing it to happen! (...all too soon, kid...!)
I absolutely love to watch them play together!


cj and family said...

Nothing's better than playing with Daddy! Isn't wonderful how much energy they can burn in just a short time!?!

Delighted Hands said...

Love the pictures...I am still smiling!