Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas prettiness and silliness

Last night after church I decided to attempt the picture for our Christmas card. It was actually rather painless (the easiest one we've ever endured, I think) and one turned out decently enough to use. Below are a few extras...
Last night was our church's Christmas cantata, so the kids dressed in their finest and we "fancied up" Abigail's hair, too. Isn't it lovely?!
Then Abigail and I got silly while we waited for the guys to be ready. I thought I should include the one of me being a dork for those of you who don't know me personally. Those of you who do know me also know that this is much more typical of me than the sitting-demurely photos are. :)
Molly didn't appreciate being grabbed for a picture (see her "owl ears"?). Sorry it's blurry, but Abigail was laughing so hard at Molly's attitude that she couldn't hold the camera still!
Here's a nice one of me and Abigail. No, I'm not posting the family one's going on our Christmas cards!


cj and family said...

We're working on our Christmas letter, too... The picture of you and Abigail is precious!

Delighted Hands said...

You can dress 'em up pics!

Peggy said...

How beautiful you and Abigail look.
Peter and Barbi's husband Scott put some icicle lights up two days ago in 40 degrees and heavy drizzly rain. Your weather still sounds better. :-)
Love the felt nativity set.