Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Choosing of the McKee Tannenbaum 2008

Usually we go on the day after Thanksgiving to choose our Christmas tree, but this year the tradition had to be a little flexible since we were in Florida on that day! Last night was our annual pilgrimage to get our tree and then treat ourselves with Hot Vanilla Cremes from Starbucks on the way home. And we needed that treat last was a brisk 33 degrees when we got to Home Depot and we were cold by the time we got the tree loaded up on the van! (On side note, we always call Home Depot "Home Dump" because Bruce delights in butchering store names and, despite my resolve to ignore him, it's quite contagious...last night Bruce tried to convince Abigail that "-epot" is a special sound that is pronounced "ump" -- but she didn't buy it!!!)!
This is the one!
A rare picture of Bruce & me, so I like it even if it came out dark!
At home, while Bruce & David got out the chainsaw to spiff up the tree,
...Abigail and I went inside to warm up, finish our drinks, and be silly together!
(One of my lesser-known talents!)
Freeing the tree

No, that is not a cat statue on our entertainment center...

Molly always gets a little revved up when we alter the daily routine!

This was one of those moments when my deep and steady love for my husband flares up in an intense burst...every year he buys me a Christmas poinsettia, but this year he started the tradition of getting one for his daughter, see the look on her face when he told her was truly priceless. She was so excited to get flowers from her daddy...and, no surprise, she picked a pink one!


cj and family said...
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cj and family said...

How special! Have a wonderful time decorating . . . we're planning to decorate for Christmas today as well. :o)

Delighted Hands said...

Thanks for the glimpse of a great family time!

Debbie Griffin said...

We're going to try to get our tree up today as well...everyone teases us about having a fake tree when we live in the middle of the north woods...but that's still the city girl in me! We're all still pretty sick, here, too, so easy is best right now!