Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A quiet week of school vacation

I had originally planned to do school M/T/W of this week, but along about the end of last week, I realized that -- although we have thoroughly enjoyed all of the festivities of Christmas -- we could really use an extended period of quietness at home. So I made the decision to cancel school for this whole week (ahhh, the joy of being the boss!), and it was a good decision.
We're only halfway through the week now, but I am already feeling the beneficial effects of our altered schedule. The kids are enjoying the time to hang out in pjs, play together for extended periods of time, and enjoy a lot of extra outside time and Mommy-time. I have a schedule each day this week to balance my time between housework, organizational projects, recreational time for me (sewing, reading), and extra "fun" time with the kids. All of this will help us to be prepped come Monday to start the haul of the second half of the school year! ^Last night the four of us enjoyed a rousing game of Trouble before the kids' bedtime...

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Delighted Hands said...

You are a very smart woman, daughter!