Monday, December 17, 2007

McKee family Christmas

This past weekend my parents-in-law were here for our McKee Christmas celebration -- they arrived Friday and went to our church Christmas party with us that night, then on Saturday, Chris (Bruce's brother) and his family came over and we 'had Christmas'. It was a wonderful day -- all of the adults enjoyed the time to relax and talk, and the kids played so nicely.
***On a side note, if Bruce looks ill in the shrimp cocktail picture, it's because he and his family all eat their cocktail sauce so chock-full of horseradish that the whole time we're eating it's a chorus of "WOW! (sniff, sniff, cough) This is great! (sniff cry sniff cough) Boy, this is good! (cough cough gasp sniff sniff)"!
I take mine much milder -- just enough to give my tongue a little tingle -- and I think they're all crazy!!! =)

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