Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas company!

Our next round of Christmas company starts to arrive today -- my parents are driving up from Florida to be here for Christmas (my two youngest brothers will leave after work on Friday and arrive sometime during the night). I LOVE VISITORS!!! I think I might be even more excited than the kids! ...and we were doubly blessed to be able to have both sides to the family represented for Christmas festivities this year. It's been very different -- but very nice! -- to have our family come to us for Christmas celebrations. For the first nine Christmases of our married life, we hauled to New York and then shuttled between Rochester and Syracuse to see all of our family for the holiday. Although we very much miss seeing our extended families, and we even miss seeing some snow, we do NOT miss the two-day trip on both ends of Christmas! It is always a little sad to see old traditions change, but then there is opportunity for new traditions to begin... Today I am going to attempt a special surprise for my dad...I will share more once it's accomplished, but I don't want to give anything away right now!

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