Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fun Saturday visitors

Today RaDora and her mom Dora (who, by the way, is the maker of the incredible sourdough bread that I've posted about before!) came for a visit -- it was great to finally meet Dora, though I felt like I already knew her -- like me, Dora has a son and a daughter, both of whom have hearing loss, so she has walked the same road I'm on with my two kids! RaDora has been our go-between until now, but it was so nice to meet in person.

The kids, of course, thought the only reason RaDora would come here was to see them and so they 'made' her play with them and most of their new Christmas toys for most of the visit!


In less exciting news, I took down our Christmas tree this evening -- I hate to take it down when it is still so beautiful and holding its needles so well, but I am tired of the clutter! David insisted that this was a noteworthy occasion, so he took a picture for the blog.

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