Monday, December 10, 2007

My baby boy singing about baby Jesus

(The camera quit in the middle, and for whatever reason, part 2 is refusing to load, so I will try again later!) I have yet to watch this without getting teary-eyed -- not because it is such an incredible performance per se, but because it is incredible to see our little boy being able to hear, understand, and sing the song. He used to use made-up words for any song he sang because he couldn't understand what was actually being sung; we were so concerned that he would lose all of his natural hearing before he could learn what music really sounds, in addition to the simple fact that there is something especially poignant about little ones singing about our Saviour's birth, you understand why this is so incredible to me!
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Jess said...


Debbie Griffin said... is absolutely precious! Ever since Daniel was born, Christmas and little boys just took on a whole new meaning!