Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Viruses, physical therapy, and pillowcases!

Well, it has been the week of the virus for us. David had it over the weekend, then I came down with it, then is the first day that I think we are finally headed toward better instead of worse! At least we got the cold virus and not the throwing-up virus -- both are going around and I much prefer runny noses!

Abigail had her PT evaluation today and has "graduated" from weekly PT -- how far this little girl has come in the last year! She will just go back in six months for a "check-up". It's always exciting to have her improve so much and yet a little sad not to see our friends every week -- because our therapists do become like our extended family!

The pictures of the kids are of them with their new pillowcases from their Grandma Minota and Great-Grandma O'Gorman -- each one has their name and a coordinating picture embroidered on the border edge -- they were SO excited to get a package that said "To: David and Abigail" and also to have new pillowcases. They had to use them right away for rest time on the couch, and Abigail actually fell asleep on hers (it was while she was sick -- that's the only time she will sleep anywhere but bed!). On a side note, the quilt she is covered with was made by Abigail's great-great grandmother, made for me when I moved to a "big-girl bed". Cool, huh?! ...and David is just pretending to sleep on his. :-)

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