Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our little gymnasts

Here are a few pictures of David (learning how to do a cartwheel, learning a trick on the bar, and doing a straddle roll all by himself) and one of Abigail and David out in the lobby "practicing" together in between their classes. I didn't get any pictures of Abigail because I ended up going out on the floor to spot her so that the teacher could give other kids the attention they needed when it was their turn...but Abigail did great, even better than I expected. It sure was a left-side workout for her -- GREAT therapy! -- it took tons of concentration on her part, but she even managed to do the monkey trick on the bar (holding on with both hands and both feet and then hanging there) all by herself! When she got down, she did "Ta-da" and then turned around to see my reaction -- the look on her face was absolutely priceless -- she knew she had done something amazing! Her eyes were sparkling and her smile was huge. She was beautiful!

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