Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My turn for adventures

Lest you think we have been sitting around behaving like normal people, I thought I'd post a quick update here...I was admitted to the hospital on Sunday afternoon because I was having an irregular heartbeat, lightheadedness, chest pain and pressure...this has happened off and on for the last year and I've been meaning to get it checked out (no lectures from anyone, thank you!) but Sunday's attack was much more prolonged and painful than any of the others have been. I popped over to urgent care, but my health history combined with an abnormal EKG got me an escort (i.e. ambulance!) to the hospital. Long story short, they admitted me overnight and gave me old-person things :-) like nitro and aspirin and kept an eye on me. CT scan and echocardiogram of my aorta came back normal and I go tomorrow to get wired up to a 24/7 heart monitor that I have to wear for a month or so to try to record one of these episodes and hopefully figure out the cause...I go to a hematologist week after next... Abigail's head, neck, chest, etc is currently covered with a fiery red rash that we got checked out today -- the doctor thinks it is related to the virus she just had and we have a steroid cream to rub on to try to relieve the rash...one of her ears has some fluid that we have to watch over the next couple of weeks... 'Boring' sounds really fun; I'd like to try it sometime!!! My parents, who were almost halfway home to Florida on Sunday, turned around and came back when I acted up...but they're headed back again today and I am being kind enough to let them get all the way there this time. :-) We had a great visit over Abigail's birthday, though, and it is nice to know we'll get to see them in a few weeks for David's birthday, too!


Debbie Griffin said...

you know...I did just want to tell you it IS okay for you to live a normal life...just wanted to make sure you didn't feel like you had to keep topping yourself! :-) We'll be praying everything is okay with your heart...could it be a reaction to caffeine or something like that?

Marsel said...

No, we're non-caffeine people (other than a little chocolate, which my body is used to!). We know that the Lord knows the path He has chosen for us -- so we just need to walk it with our eyes and hearts focused on Him...He also knows that I would like to try 'boring' sometime...:-)