Saturday, March 24, 2007

Abigail's birthday party

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Here is a video of Abigail with her cake -- in the video, she tells how old she is, sings her rainbow song, and signs "rainbow" and "colors". Unfortunately, she was sick and in pretty rough shape, which you can see on her face on several of the pictures, and which is why her voice is so hoarse on the video...but she still enjoyed all of the festivities!

She loved opening gifts, and every dress she opened got an "Ooooohh! A dress!"...she is our girlie-girl! She got two new "Winnie the Coo" videos (she can say "pooh" just fine, but according to her, Winnie is a "Coo"!), and several other fun things, all of which she thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks, everybody...

(More birthday pictures in our photo gallery)


shannon said...

very impressive cake! did you do that?

Marsel said...

Yes, thanks...the best part is eating tons of buttercream frosting while I'm decorating! :-)