Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring yardwork begins

David came down with a respiratory virus on Friday, so we had to cancel yesterday's dinner plans with friends of ours, which was a bummer. But the weather was gorgeous and so we had a nice day nonetheless -- lowkey and puttering around outside. Bruce got our two big leaf-piles transferred to the garden and spread lime, fertilizer, etc, on the yard. I washed both vehicles, filled birdfeeders, etc, and the kids just played, "helped", and lazed around nearby.
This picture is of a big moment for Abigail -- unlike her brother, who loved anything with an engine since his earliest days, she has always been petrified of the lawn tractor, but yesterday she consented to her first ride on my lap and then spent a while riding in the trailer. Every time I suggested stopping, she would tell me "Again! More tractor rides!" (...on a side note, I rode in the trailer with that same stars and stripes pillow when I was a my kids are riding with it...what fun!)

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Debbie Griffin said...

Hannah's scared of ours, too! But Daniel loves everything about it...almost as much as I do...I now understand the tractor thing! :-)