Friday, March 09, 2007

Something new and fun for David

Yesterday David had his first gymnastics class -- we enrolled him in a short-term class -- and he LOVED it! His LVAS has affected his balance since our earliest memories (long before we knew he had LVAS), and many with LVAS have found gymnastics to be really beneficial in regards to the related balance difficulties. And besides, it's something fun and physical for the kid who stands on his head and then walks up the wall at least a dozen times a day, and whose favorite video-watching position is upside down on some part of the couch!
It was good for me to be able to observe how he interacted with the teacher (he far exceeded my expectations as far as paying attention and following instructions -- does he ever listen to me that well?!) and with the other kids in the class.
After seeing what it was like and being very impressed with the teacher, we went ahead and enrolled Abigail for the rest of this month as well -- although her LVAS doesn't interfere with her balance, it will be great therapy for her CP issues. And besides, she is very into prancing, twirling, jumping, etc, so she'll love it. When David's class was over, she announced, "Now Abigail's turn on that!" (i.e. the mats and equipment) She'll be pleased to have her very own class next week, and I will be sure to share pictures.

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Debbie Griffin said...

How I wish there was something like that for our kids around here! What fun! David's getting so tall...where does the time go?!?