Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yesterday's hearing updates

(Thanks to Aunt Connie for passing along these sweaters to the kids -- they were so excited to get them that they wore them all day long on Tuesday. It was too warm to be sweater weather, but that didn't deter them -- David just removed the rest of his clothing and spent most of the day in his undies and the sweater!!!)
David and Abigail had their hearing checks etc yesterday. (On a side note: I meant to take my camera so that I could post a picture of the kids with Miss RaDora (their beloved audiologist!), but I forgot the camera at home. Whoops.) Abigail had a slight loss in both ears – she is, as the doctor put it, in a “holding pattern” right now. That is, her hearing is slowly eroding but isn’t experiencing any huge changes at this point. David had another significant loss in both ears. The doctor said that another couple of losses like these last few have been – or one of an even more severe nature -- and it will be time to talk about a CI (cochlear implant). Please pray for us as this option suddenly becomes more of a reality than an idea. If you do any research about CIs, you find that there is a LOT involved…this is not a simple process. We are very grateful, though, that the Lord has allowed technology to advance to the point of allowing our children a future as hearing people even when they are deaf. We covet your prayers as we wait and watch at this critical stage – prayers for us and the medical staff as we make decisions, prayers for David – for both his health and hearing but also that he would continue to make huge progress in his speech etc while he still has natural hearing, prayers for Abigail as she moves along in this journey, etc. We are grateful for the Lord’s hand on our lives and are resting in the security of the knowledge that He will not let us go…

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Debbie Griffin said...

I wondered if implants were an option. The kids are so adorable! I love the story of the sweaters and undies...that's one for the scrapbook to blackmail him with when he's a senior!