Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rainy day fun

It is gloomy and rainy out today, but we're always in need of some rain down here, so it's not a bad thing. David and Abigail made a "fort" by pulling out the recliner, and they were lying under it coloring and watching a Little Bear video. It's always nice when that "Uh-oh, why is it so quiet in there?" search finds a scene like this one! They are now upstairs playing in their rooms -- they always make a huge mess, but they love to play together up there and I love to listen to their banter over the monitor. David got his first watch yesterday and he is very excited about it. He keeps telling me "twenty minutes" about everything -- we will have snack in "twenty minutes", etc. A little while ago he asked for a doughnut, and when I told him to wait a minute, he answered quite seriously, "But Mommy, my watch says it's time for a doughnut!"

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