Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When did they get so smart?!

The kids had therapy (speech for David and physical for Abigail) today and both got great reports. David's therapist was astounded at his recent progress! After therapy, we usually go to the Sam's Club nearby and get our milk, etc, for the week. When we walked by the bakery, David was asking for various treats and I was telling him no...but when we got to the cakes, his eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "Mommy! My new hearing aid needs a cake for its hearing-aid-birthday!" (For those who don't know our tradition, we celebrated when each of the kids originally got their hearing aids by having a hearing-aid-birthday-party, complete with a cake and the 'happy birthday' song). He is too smart for his own good! Needless to say, we walked out of Sam's Club with a (Sam's Club sized) box of Curious George cupcakes. We went over to Bruce's office for an impromptu hearing-aid-birthday-party, where everyone celebrated with us and gamely wished David a happy hearing-aid-birthday...after all, I had to think of some way to use up 24 cupcakes! (This picture was taken at home since I didn't have my camera with me when we celebrated earlier.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is a picture of Abigail playing her computer game -- and using the mouse like a pro. She could give her great-grandparents a run for their money when it comes to driving this thing! :-) I realized last week that, by the time David was this age, I had already started teaching him to use the mouse instead of just the keyboard (my mother calls this phenomenon 'second-child syndrome'...I constantly forget that my littlest one isn't a baby anymore...), so I sat her down and it took her all of two minutes to have it figured out. Now she's very happy because she can play the Alphabet Train like a big girl. She loves anything having to do with "A-D-hEs" (i.e., ABCs) and rattles off all of her letters at least a hundred times a day! Going to the store with her is a riot right now because she calls out all of the letters and numbers she sees on the signs. The only drawback is that I HAVE to repeat every one back to her or she repeats it, louder and louder, until I acknowledge it. I don't know where she gets her rules and her attitude...I keep saying it must be from Bruce! :-)

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Debbie Griffin said...

That is such a Debbie thing to do! I love it! But I probably would have ended up with 2 boxes because we couldn't decide which character we liked better! What fun!