Monday, October 02, 2006

Kids' medical status as of Oct. 2nd

As a baseline report on the kids, I will try to summarize where we are at medically.

David's hearing loss now slopes to a severe loss in both ears. We should be getting a new, higher-powered hearing aid (HA) in the next day or so for his one ear (his other ear already has a strong one). His speech is progressing marvelously, in spite of this further hearing loss. Abigail's hearing loss is stable at the moment. Her speech is still pretty much on average with her peers and she is making all of the vocabulary leaps that are typical at this stage. It is great to hear all of the consonant blends popping up regularly! Abigail also continues to make great progress with walking, etc. She runs now -- albeit not completely gracefully! -- and is working on jumping with both feet. Her left hand is used more and more frequently and she has figured out how to manipulate that thumb independently, though it takes a lot of concentration.

God is good. Our kids are thriving and loving life, and we can't wait to see how the Lord is going to use these challenges in a special way in their lives!

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