Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend recap

Bruce and I left Thursday afternoon for a conference done by one of his clients, and we came home Saturday evening. Bruce's parents came down to take care of the kids, the pets, and the house in general (thank you, Dad and Mom!). It was an exhausting but profitable weekend. I forgot to ask them to take pictures of some of their adventures while we were gone, so I don't have any to post, but the kids had a great time and enjoyed fun stuff like a mystery ride (which just happened to end up at McDonald's), a trip to the playground, and making chocolate chip cookies. David was thrilled to see us but unimpressed to have Grandpa and Grandma leave yesterday morning...on the way home from church he suggested, "I have a great idea. How 'bout Grandpa and Grandma come back again?" To make things really interesting on Thursday, I realized that David had experienced another hearing loss. So we did a do-si-doh to get him down to the hospital for testing and pick Bruce up from the office, and then Bruce and I left from the hospital for the conference while Dad and Mom took the kids home. Anyway, David did have another significant loss -- he now slopes to a profound loss in his right ear -- and they gave us the paperwork to start the CI process. Assuming that David's hearing loss continues to follow the recent pattern, the audiologist expects the surgery to be early in the new year (a more rapid loss could make it happen sooner; a plateau with no further loss would push it off for a while). I have started checking things off the list and we will see the audiologist again this Thursday. It is never boring around here!
***Happy birthday, Elena!***

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