Saturday, September 04, 2010

Happy Saturday

We had a lovely day at home today.  We didn't do anything momentous, but we were together at home, which is our ideal Saturday!  I woke up to this beautiful on the picture to enlarge it and look at the fascinating texture of the brushstroke-clouds!
I worked some more on -- you guessed it -- the basement and garage.  Progress is being whole bay of the garage is sale-ready, and I have gone through about half of the kids' clothes bins.  While I worked down there, David painted a carry-box he built.  He decided to give it to Abigail, so he busily painted it pink and purple for her. (His cut is healing nicely -- the stitching job is lovely and the swelling is gone.  He says it's starting to itch, which is a good sign!)
Thoroughly enjoying the gorgeous weather (low 80s and a comfortable breeze -- harbingers of autumn), Bruce and Abigail mowed the lawn together.  (By this evening, though, what we had thought was just Abigail's allergies flaring up has turned out to be another virus...she is running a fever and coughing...poor baby!  We're just getting it all out of the way before winter gets here...that's my plan and I'm sticking to it!)
I even found a few minutes tonight to do a bit of work on my current quilt.  As always, Mindy was my faithful companion.  She started by lying at the end of my cutting mat and biting my ruler.  Then she moved on to sitting on my fabric...
 ...but when I kept on working, she decided to lay on the whole thing.
Despite her "help", I eventually got to the point where I could sew together some nine-patch blocks...she kept peeking at me through my machine, and having to swat her paw away from the needle resulted in a few rather drunken-looking seams!!!  Oh'll give the quilt character. :)


Delighted Hands said...

Excellent pics........the last one is just precious! Hope Abigail feels better soon-nice job on the lawn! Really good job on the tool caddy, David!

Anonymous said...

how did you and your Mother both manage to get cats that like to quilt and knit?? sharon