Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eclectic weekend

As mentioned in my last post, we headed into the weekend already experiencing some deviation from the previously planned schedule...the weekend rushed by as well!

On Saturday we had my garage sale.  It went well and then everything but the kids' clothes went straight to Goodwill...good-bye clutter!
 My mom enjoyed educating the public about spinning since it was "Worldwide Spin in Public" day!
While the grown-ups cleaned up at the end of the day, David added a few accessories to this pile of bins and enjoyed a ready-made fort.
Sunday evening was our church's baptism service.  Seven people, including our David, were baptized.  This is something that David had approached us about this summer.  He wanted to be baptized, not for salvation or to earn a place in heaven, but rather as a testimony to others of his existing relationship with Jesus Christ.  It has been exciting to watch him learn and grow over this past year and then request this of his own accord.  We were also thrilled that both my parents and Bruce's parents were able to be in town for the occasion.  It was really special to have all of them with us.  (Bruce's parents breezed in Sunday afternoon and then out Monday morning...a whirlwind tour!)

 Afterwards we enjoyed a little obligatory rock-throwing and then a treat of Bruster's ice cream.

Monday my mom and I kept busy with several sewing projects that were on my punchlist.  I did some alterations and she made this for me. :)  Monday evening we went to a ladies' fellowship at church and had fun making beaded rings.  We have made necklaces, bracelets, and earrings before, but never rings, so it was fun to learn something new!
Today my parents headed home.  This afternoon, the kids and I headed out for an adjustment to Abigail's leg brace and hearing checks.  We are excited to report that David's hearing (which, during this past year, has been dropping towards "let's talk about CI" levels) has started climbing again!  The Lord has certainly granted hearing to my children for far longer even than we had first asked for...and we are very thankful for this time!  Unfortunately, I toted my camera around but forgot to take pictures at any of the appointments.  Oh well.  At least I remembered to go to the appointments. :)

Since I have no pictures from today, I leave you with a picture of Mindy "helping" my mom spin.  You know how much she loves to help me quilt and knit...spinning was a whole new delight to her!!


Delighted Hands said...

I do enjoy the assistance of my kittygrandchildren! We had a great visit-thank you so much! What a blessing it is to be a part of your lives...

Bethany said...

What a wonderful weekend full of exciting happenings!

cj and family said...

I was ready to echo Bethany's sentiments--what a wonderful weekend! Praise the Lord!

Emily MacGill said...

Wish I could have gone to your garage sale - I'd have helped clean it out quickly! :) So glad you got to visit with both sets of parents over the weekend.