Monday, September 13, 2010

A "dairy" nice field trip

On Friday Karen and I took our kids on a field trip to Braselton, Georgia, to tour part of the production line at the Mayfield Dairy.  It was very interesting.
 We ate a picnic lunch outside, and then\we got some ice cream for dessert!
 Karen treated the kids to one of those machines that turns a penny into a souvenir penny.  The kids were so excited.
 Noah sacked out in the stroller...he's a trooper and does really well on our voyages!
 This cow -- "Mayfield Maggie" -- is made from the same mold as our 'big cow' on the way to Florida, except this one is a Jersey instead of a Holstein. :)
 We..ahem...took the scenic route on the way to part #2 of our field trip.  It turned out great, though, because we found this lovely old caboose in the middle of a little old Georgia town.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing on it and even got to watch a train come past on the active railroad right by it!
I fill up my baby-snuggle tanks every chance I get and Karen is very patient about letting me "hog" Noah a lot. :)  Isn't he a doll?!
Part #2 of our field trip was a solar system walk in Gainesville, Georgia.  It is a model built to scale, scattered throughout their town.  Here we are starting at the sun.
We stopped at the library for a break after Mars.  Noah ate, and the rest of us enjoyed the a/c and read books while we rested!
 The library also had a map of the solar system walk, and as we inspected it, we realized that the walk was MUCH longer than we thought, it was late in the day, everybody was tired out and hot, and we decided to make it a destination field trip for another day.  We got to Jupiter and then came home.  Not bad for a day's travels. :)


cj and family said...

Looks like lots of fun! We'll have to investigate sometime ...

Delighted Hands said...

What an excellent trip-the company was great, too! Glad you had a good time and flexible makes for the best compass!

Bethany said...

Nice play on words and great field trips!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! They really keep their cows clean.They almost look fake.

Groovy Pops