Monday, October 26, 2009

New ivories

Saturday the guys hauled out our old decrepit piano (only about half of the keys still worked).  The kids were thrilled to see the "guts" of a piano and figure out how it makes sound.

Then the guys got the "privilege" of muscling the thing out the door and onto the trailer.

David loved being one of the guys...riding in the truck, going to the dump, and "helping".  The McDonald's Happy Meal he got out of the deal didn't hurt, either. :)

Bruce's brother and his family had a piano that they didn't want any more, so they generously shared with us!  For the cost of taking the old piano to the dump, we have a new piano that works nicely (although we will enjoy it much more once it's tuned...ouch!) and looks much more proportionate to our room.  And so the living room makeover continues...and the kids' piano careers can move to a new level now that they have more than one octave's worth of working keys!


Delighted Hands said...

It is already a beloved instrument!(Even Nyki approves!)

cj and family said...

Blessings! :o)