Saturday, October 31, 2009

Knitting traditions

My parents are on their way home this's always sad to say goodbye, but we enjoyed a wonderful week together!

Abigail spent most of the week sick with a nasty cold and cough; we took her to the dr on Thursday to check her lungs (clear!), and then since we were just down the road from my yarn store, we stopped in for a visit.  Unfortunately, neither my mom nor I had our cameras with us (two bloggers, zero cameras...for shame!), but while we were there, we bought Abigail her first very own knitting needles and a skein of bulky wool yarn to go with it.  Here we are back at home, passing on the tradition to the next generation...

Speaking of knitting, I have been very remiss in posting two knitted wonders that were made for me this year, so my mom helped me get pictures so that I could finally post them.  My grandma made me this lovely sweater for my birthday...I got to pick out the pattern and yarn and then she made it for me!  She has been knitting for a very long time -- sixty years plus, I think -- and she said that this one was a challenge that had stitches even she had never done before!  It's beautiful and I love it!

(Kindly overlook the fact that I'm standing like a chimpanzee in the second picture!)

My mom conquered lace knitting this year and made me this beautiful shawl in a pearly gray laceweight yarn.  It's so delicate and feminine.

It's grand to be the recipient of so much knitting talent in my family!!!


Jess said...

No fair, no fair. I'm jealous... They both suit you very well and are both lovely.

Delighted Hands said...

I still get choked up about the fact you saved the trip to buy Abigail's first knitting needles to include me! It was wonderful beyond words......and you are a delight to knit for!

Heather Harris said...

Awww...I wish I could get together with some other knitters! I learned in college from a friend, but all I know how to do is basic stuff. I can make simple patterns into blankets and scarves, but that's about it. I would love to learn how to make hats and socks and what not. Everyone I talk to down here just knows crocheting.