Friday, October 23, 2009

A farewell

 Baker went to his new home today.  It was sad and happy all at the same time...but he is going to a family with three boys, a dog-sister for Baker, and a rural area with lots of room to play, and they are so excited to be adopting him...and our health will only be better off for not having the constant allergy-inducer in the house.

The kids are doing well, considering.  It helps that Grandpa & Grandma Minota will be arriving any minute now...and that we are planning to adopt a kitten in a week or two (no, there isn't a cat allergy)!


Debbie Griffin said...

Have you ever checked into the labradoodle? They are supposed to be great breeds for those with allergies.

Delighted Hands said...

Glad that Baker has a happy new home. Will be nice to see the improvement in health without allergy assaults in your own home.
Glad we could be a distraction, too!

cj and family said...

Hope the transition goes smoothly . . . enjoy the new kitten! :o)