Friday, September 04, 2009

Settling in at home again

I know, I know...a blog post without pictures is blahhhh...sorry!  But I have been sidelined with another UTI/kidney infection, so I'm not feeling very ambitious...I have gotten some laundry done and dinner in the oven, but that's about the extent of are pretty low on my priority list right now!

We are looking forward to a long weekend with Bruce...although he will do some work from home, he will be here and we are all excited about that, especially after a long week away from him.  Abigail especially has been very Daddy-clingy since we got home, so I expect most of Bruce's weekend will be spent with a Velcro-daughter firmly attached to his side. :)

Hope you enjoy your weekend as much as we plan to!


cj and family said...

Enjoy the weekend! Love the pic of the kids in the header. :o) Peter's fighting an ear infection, so I'm guessing our weekend will be pretty quiet. Have a good one!

Delighted Hands said...

Rest and get well........