Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Our trip to New York...history in textiles

One last post to share a bit of family history with those of you who love history and textiles. My grandma got out these special quilts to show me and we spent some time with them that was very dear to my heart...I love to hear family history stories and my grandma is so good about sharing them. We sat for a long time while I admired the work -- and enjoyed touching the same fabrics and stitches that my grandma and great-grandma touched so many decades ago! -- and my grandma pointed out fabrics and shared their stories with me. The top left and top right quilts are ones that my grandma and her mom made in anticipation of my grandparents' wedding (they got married in July of 1953). The bottom left is one that my grandma made in her newlywed days. The one on the right is one that my grandma, her mom, and my aunt made in early 1978, during the sad days after my grandma's dad (my great-grandfather) passed away. Below is a close-up of the quilts so that you can see a little bit more of the fabrics (click on the photo to enlarge). There are fabrics that were from the clothing of my grandma, her sisters, my great-grandma, and even my great-great-grandma; there are fabrics that were from my great-grandma's aprons. There is so much family history sewn into each careful stitch. I wonder if my great-grandma, while she stitched away, ever daydreamed about future generations admiring her work. I'm so glad my grandma gets to see all of us admiring hers. What a wonderful treasure!


Delighted Hands said...

Excellent markers of a good life-souveniors in the quilts.

Amy said...

Beautiful quilts!
I wish you'd set up your blogger return email so I could reply to all the kind comments that you leave on my blog. I appreciate them all!