Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Our trip to New York...the plane rides

You know us...we love to learn wherever we go. We managed to accomplish this on vacation, too, both on the plane and while we were in New York. On the way there, people around us on the plane were quite amused at how many questions the kids asked throughout the flight (where are the engines that give us thrust? When will the pilot put the wing flaps down for drag? Could we sit on the fluffy clouds? Why not, what are they made of? Hey, I feel us going up -- is that lift? etc)...I was happy to answer all million and one questions, because it was exciting to see them observe, think, and learn. It was so much fun to travel with them and share in their excitement!
In between questions, this was a typical scene...Abigail coloring, David eating!
Now I have to be effusive about them for a minute, so please bear with me...they were SUCH good travelers! They followed instructions wonderfully all the way through the airports: through lines, loading and unloading shoes and carry-ons at security, on and off airport trains, on and off elevators and escalators, trotting through terminals for food, restrooms, and to our gate (it seemed like miles in the Atlanta airport!), walking across tarmacs to get on and off the plane, helping with our duffel, and they were very well-behaved. I was so proud of them...and it made the trip so easy! Both flights were pretty calm weather-wise; the flight home to Georgia was perfect, with a blend of clouds (so much fun to fly through and pretty to look at) as well as plenty of clear skies so we could see the land below. Here are a couple of pictures I took...
...and one Abigail took.
It was nice that such a wonderful trip was sandwiched between two fun plane rides...and that at the end of our ride home we were met by someone we had missed very much!


Debbie Griffin said...

isn't it nice for them to be at the age where they don't require constant instruction? Daniel and Hannah are there right now, too, and it is so much more pleasurable to go places with them now that is so much less tiresome and hard work!

Delighted Hands said...

So glad it was a success so you will be willing to fly again!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a wonderful time and are home safe.I also rejoice that you have a personal relationship with the giver of all good things and reconize HIS hand in all of life that is Christ.
Your Groovy Pops