Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Keep talking, Baby!

Yesterday Abigail had a speech evaluation. When I made the appointment a little over a month ago, I was concerned that she was starting to lag behind...but in the last month, and in the last couple of weeks especially, her speech has taken off and she is conquering the sounds that had been giving her trouble. In fact, even her "l" and "r" sounds are emerging (those are typically ages 4-6+ sounds), and I haven't even started working on those with her yet. Well anyway, she scored just above median for her age and is unlikely to need speech therapy at all. I am thankful for the benefit that she has derived from her big brother's struggle -- namely, parents who have now learned the ropes of hearing loss/speech development and all of the unique knowledge and know-how that help us to best equip her for the related challenges. It has made her path much easier than it otherwise might be. Keep talking, Abigail -- we LOVE to hear you!!!

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Greta said...

That's great news!