Saturday, November 03, 2007

Family time

Yesterday I got a gift that was better than a dozen roses -- Bruce came home from work mid-afternoon just for some extra time together!!! It was wonderful. Today we went to a picnic for Atlanta-area BJU alumni (Bruce's college). The weather today was beautiful, and we enjoyed eating barbecue and s'mores (not at the same time!), visiting with friends old and new, and the kids enjoyed playing with other kids in a couple of those big inflatable things. On the way home, we got a call from Bruce's brother, who had gotten a deer this morning and saved the heart for me. I cooked it this evening, and so the tradition from my growing-up years continues in my own house! It tasted soooooo good, and the kids and I thoroughly enjoyed it (Bruce hid in the living room). We finished out our family time by teaching the kids to play charades and then we played some Go Fish (on a side note, I lost every game). Now the kids are in bed and I am going to get a pedicure by my in-home pedicurist (Bruce)! I think I've gotten spoiled this weekend...

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