Tuesday, November 20, 2007

David's asthma & allergy update

David had his second round of skin testing done at the allergist today. The conclusion is that he has a mild allergy to dustmites and to two kinds of mold, but nothing bad enough to warrant allergy shots etc. However, they did find that his antibody-level to the pneumococcus bacterium is rather low, so that may be contributing to his recurrent sinus infections. They gave him a shot today to try to boost his immunity and then they will re-test him in a month or so to see if his antibody levels have risen. His CT scan (ordered by the ENT) came back clear, which was a relief...they were looking for any kind of obstructions or structural abnomalities, so we are glad everything was clear! As I've said before, David is such a trooper...he got 14 under-the-skin injections of allergens, as well as the pneumonia shot in one arm and a flu shot in the other arm -- all without tears or protest -- what a tough little guy!

As for his asthma, he is now going on Singulair as well as a controller inhaler (once a day). Hopefully this will relieve the attacks and reduce the need for the rescue inhaler. Between illnesses, surgeries, and Bruce's heart-med regimen, we've developed a very friendly, first-name-basis relationship with our pharmacist this year!!!

A note to my mother and grandmother: I made an appointment for this coming Tuesday to get a skin-test to re-check my bee sting allergy...so you can both stop fussing at me now! =)

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Delighted Hands said...

Glad for the apt but it won't stop the nagging about something else, I am sure!