Thursday, September 06, 2007

NY trip - part 3 - Out on a date

On our wedding night in 1998, Bruce and I stayed at the Green Gate Inn, a historic old inn in Camillus (NY). We had often talked about staying there again, but it just hadn't happened. However, due to Bruce's health-related exhaustion, we hadn't done anything special to celebrate our ninth anniversary this past this year seemed to be perfect timing. I had planned to surprise Bruce with this overnighter -- I already had reservations made and everything -- when he 'fessed up that he had been considering surprising me with a trip there (he had no idea what I had planned)! I confessed my plans, we had a good laugh, and then we spent the rest of the time looking forward to our date!

We had a wonderful mini-trip...we ate dinner at the French Restaurant there (the food was excellent), stayed in the same room we had stayed in nine years ago, and had a private, leisurely breakfast out on the deck the next morning.

Thanks to Gram and Gramp, Uncle Chuck and Aunt Connie, & Amanda and Alicia for willingly taking care of the kids for us...even if they did wake you up at a terribly early hour!

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