Friday, September 14, 2007

Making an investment in our children

Another thing I love about my husband...he takes the time to include David (well, both kids, but Abigail would usually rather do her own thing!) in whatever project is happening. David's 'help' usually makes the project take MUCH longer than it otherwise would, but Bruce is unfailingly patient, not merely allowing David to observe, but actually taking the time to explain the process, the parts, the tools, etc, and letting David do as much as he (safely) can.

Maybe you have seen the commercial where the dad is working on under-sink plumbing, and when the little boy asks if he can help, the Dad says "No, this is grownup work"...then when he sees his dejected son, he relents, letting him hold the flashlight. Bruce has never liked that commercial, pointing out that the dad never should have said "bug off" in the first place... I am so grateful for a husband who recognizes the importance of investing in our children (and enjoying time with them besides), despite the cost of time and efficiency. He is such a great dad! It is beyond wonderful to watch David just glow when he helps Daddy.

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Delighted Hands said...

They say 'she is a jewel among women...' but I can't think of one about men! Bruce, you are the best of the best anyway-we love you dearly.