Monday, September 17, 2007

Abigail's physical progress...WOW!

Abigail had her PT (physical therapy) evaluation today -- she has made a huge amount of progress in the last six months. This evaluation focused on her gross motor skills (running, jumping, stair climbing, balance, catching/throwing, etc). I will not confuse (and bore) everyone with the specific numbers, but she is now in the average range for age-appropriate abilities! This was pretty exciting as she has always lagged far behind the norm. In one section of this evaluation, she had progressed seven months' worth, and then thirteen months' worth in another section...and all of this in six months' time! For CP kids, the therapists hope for one month's worth of progress every two months (i.e. six months' progress in one year's time)...and Abigail has far exceeded that! As we've said before (and I'm sure we'll say it again), we are so grateful for the Lord's hand on her little life and body, for allowing her to overcome so many of her physical challenges...what a miracle it is to watch her run and jump and play...

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