Thursday, September 06, 2007

NY trip - part 1 - trip summary

^Sweet kids on our northbound car trip

We headed north on Tuesday, August 29th, stayed overnight at a hotel in Ohio, and then arrived in Phoenix, NY, on Wednesday. Oh, it was so good to see so many dear faces!

The kids traveled really well on both the northbound and southbound trips. Other than Bruce flipping in and out of a-fib right before we left for home this Tuesday, everything was pleasantly uneventful.

The kids stuck like glue to Amanda and Alicia, and they all played nonstop from sunup 'til bedtime. Alicia and David played dressup and police and all sorts of fun things, and Amanda and Abigail hung out and did whatever Abigail wanted to do! :-) Having the kids taken care of gave me a wonderful time of rest and reprieve...Grandma and I did some projects, we spent a lot of time sitting in their sunroom knitting and crocheting, and I got to read books and even go on an overnight date with my husband. I got spoiled!!! Bruce did some work, but for the most part, he got to relax, read "fun" books, and take lots of naps.

We also got to visit with some of my extended family, as well as with our NY church family. We got to eat Hofmann's hot dogs, s'mores, and ice cream; we got to talk and talk and talk; we got to share stories and lots of we miss everyone terribly, but it was an absolutely wonderful visit and we are very grateful to have been able to make the trip.

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