Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pretty in pink?!

Yesterday, Abigail was supposed to be napping peacefully in my bed, but when she emerged from my room, she was painted pink...further investigation revealed that she had spent the last half-hour or so painting with Mommy's pink lipstick (and unwrapping a whole box of unmentionables)! She completely 'painted' one hand and managed to cover large areas of her other hand, both arms, legs, face, and one glob in her well as the cupboards, doors, and rugs...and then she left hot-pink footprints across the ivory carpet on her way back out to the living room.

I am very grateful for baby wipes and non-permanent lipstick -- because all of the 'art' came out/off!

When David came in and saw what Abigail had done, he gasped and exclaimed, "Abigail, that's naughty!!!", to which she responded, "No, not naughty! Pretty pink!"

...may I note that I had never told her that lipstick (and painting with it!) was off-limits...the look on her face was completely innocent...she was very pleased with her artistic expression! May I also note that we then had a discussion about it all being off-limits, because while we are laughing behind our hands now, I don't care to have it repeated!!!


Greta said...

Hey Marsel! It is good to know that Abigail is feeling well enough to cause a little trouble! I hope we will see you guys sometime soon.

Debbie Griffin said...

NO WAY!!! Daniel did the same thing when he was about the same age! Only it was red and long it didn't come off so fact I found some of the remains on the wall behind the door the day we moved out! It was so hard to be stern and not laugh too hard! And he got off scott free, too, since I had never told him not to get into my makeup and smear it all over everything! Gotta love those little curious minds!