Monday, February 26, 2007

Dr. David

I've commented before on David's vivid imagination and here is his latest favorite -- being a doctor. It's amazing how much he 'gets into' the role and he is quite the actor. He wears Bruce's old lab coat from gross anatomy in med school (i.e. the 'dissecting a dead person' class)...don't worry, I washed it several times before it went in the dress-up box. :-) It's also interesting -- and a little sad! -- when your kids have so much experience with doctors and procedures that they can play doctor for a very long time without running out of realistic scenarios!

To the right is a picture of Mommy and Abigail getting a snuggle after bathtime -- I love to look at us in the mirror in this pose because it STILL awes me that, having been a daughter all of my life, I now have a daughter of my own! It just plain still amazes me that what I have dreamed about for as long as I can remember -- being a wife and a mom -- has been granted to me...thank You, Lord, for my family...

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Debbie Griffin said...

We are truly blessed, aren't we? God is so good to the picture! Amazing how both of your children look so much alike!