Friday, February 23, 2007

Another one starts driving...

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Abigail's legs are finally long enough to be able to easily drive the kids' John Deere tractor...she's not very good at steering, though, so David turned the steering wheel so that Abigail could go around and around in a circle (as you can see in the video!). She did this for about half an hour and the smile never left her face that whole time! David thought it was neat until it dawned on him that this means sharing the tractor regularly...that didn't go over so well. :-)

So as not to neglect that very four year old (who is supervising this post), I will also include a picture of him riding his bike down the hill! (We have been thoroughly enjoying a couple of days of gorgeous weather...) ...and yes, he is wearing outgrown pajama pants. He HAD to wear them today because "But look, Mom, see how they match my shirt SO PERFECT?!"

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