Thursday, February 01, 2007

Home from Florida

Well, we're home from Florida -- we had a wonderful week with my grandparents (and parents and brother) and were sad to leave, but of course we are excited to come home to Bruce (I am also happy to see my Sleep Number bed and my high-speed Internet!). I have lots of pictures and will try to post some by this weekend. We jump right back into life tomorrow as I have two pre-op appointments...I have been scheduled for surgery to remove my gallbladder on Tuesday, Feb. 6th. Also, Abigail's tonsil/adenoidectomy will be Friday, Feb. 16th. Glad to have enjoyed our week -- and glad to be back home again -- hope you are all well!


Debbie Griffin said...

Wow...there really is never a dull moment at your place is know, it's okay to have some downtime...I'm starting to think you don't know such a thing exists! :-) What would we do without our sleep number beds, heh?!?

Marsel said...

The funny thing is, I am SUCH a homebody...I love to just stay home and have nothing on the social schedule...but my life has not been like that for over two years now...the Lord has really allowed my comfort zone to be stretched!!!

Debbie Griffin said...

Trust your surgery went well...I'll give you 2 days recovery and then I expect some details on how it went up on your blog! :-)