Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February spring days

I have decided that February is my favorite month to live in the South...because while I am unconciously expecting to settle in for the long haul of the rest of winter, suddenly the temperature hits 70 degrees, the sun is hot, I have to dig some shorts out, and we spend large portions of the day outside! No, I am NOT trying to be mean to all of you who are in the North (and the FAR North!)...I just thought about this yesterday while I was throwing open all of the windows...and I thought I would share!

You can see by the pictures that the kids love all of the extra outside time. Yesterday Abigail graduated -- we put away her baby swing and put up another big-girl swing, low enough that she can get on and off by herself -- she knew she was hot stuff! (...see more photos here!)

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Debbie Griffin said...

We got about 12 inches of snow this past weekend and are forecasted to get another 12-18 tomorrow...sigh!