Thursday, October 04, 2012

The school year is flying by...

I have been remiss in keeping the kids' grandmothers and great-grandmother everyone up to date on the day-to-day bits of our life!  I often feel like there isn't much that is newsworthy...but I was reminded this week that my far-away family misses out on sharing the 'everyday things' with my kids, and the blog at least helps to fill that void a little bit.

We are already a quarter of the way through our school year!  One of the big events this year has been our first foray into organized sports.  The kids are old enough to make the effort of getting there worth it now; they are really enjoying both the interaction and the intense physical exercise.  We have a great local program that meets once a week on Thursday afternoons, without extra games and such to add to already-busy weekends.  The kids LOVE it!  Here are some pictures from our first day at the Homeschool Soccer League.

My mom and I made soccer-gear bags for the kids.  It's always nice when an idea actually makes it into reality!
 David is sitting down as goalie in this one...his team had a good offense, so the ball didn't come back to him very much!
 Abigail doing drills and taking a shot on goal...
  Very hot and sweaty kids after their first session!
 This past week we were thrilled to start piano lessons again (we took the summer off) and we added something new this year -- art class as a group.  My friend teaches piano lessons but doesn't do artsy stuff...I love artsy stuff but don't teach piano lessons...put us together and our kids get music and art and everybody's happy! :)
 We got a little silly with the googly-eyes after art class. :)
We recently took a field trip to the Atlanta History Center's Fall Folklife Festival.  We enjoyed it as much as we always do...especially the petting zoo.  (Abigail is in a major horse-phase right now and does not see why her dad and I won't let her have at least a miniature horse.  Our usually-analytical-and-very-logical girl gets quite disgruntled that we won't see reason and let her keep one in our basement...)
 The kids making hardtack in the Civil War era kitchen.
 Quarry Garden
 Pretty berries -- "Beautyberry" bush
And just like that, the days roll along and the school year progresses wonderfully.  I still love this job and am thankful for the privilege of teaching my kids to love learning!


Bethany said...

I have missed your blog! I also feel like my days aren't very "blog worthy" most of the time but I know my family enjoys it. I find that I enjoy blogs for their encouragement in crafts, parenting, homeschooling and just to see the everyday stuff too. Your post was full of things I love. :-) Thanks for sharing!

Delighted Hands said...

Ahhhh, thank you. It is like having a visit with y'all!

I know it is a lot of work on your already overloaded schedule, but